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Free Floating Music

Free Floating

Simplicity and repose are the qualities that measure the true value of any work of art.
–Frank Lloyd Wright

We should listen to the silence with the same attention that we give to the sounds.
–John Cage

Free Floating Music exists to release and promote serene, peaceful ambient music, music that grows out of and flows through the silence around it, sculpting spaces for reflection, repose and rejuvenation.

All music released through Free Floating Music is available for free download via Creative Commons non-commercial licenses.

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Free Floating Music
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I think that part of what makes Jack Hertz stand out as an ambient artist is his passionate attachment to the natural world and his interest in expressing that passion through his music.  Whether he’s inspired by starfish, wetlands, trees, oceans, or microflora, his art is informed by his experiences and love of the world around him. And he is usually one to put his money where his mouth is, releasing music through his Sound4Good label which donates proceeds to appropriate charities.  This...
Topics: ambient, ambient electronic, space music, drone, meditative
Free Floating Music
- Jack Hertz
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This release almost didn’t happen (though, thankfully for all of us, it obviously has…).  Jack Hertz sent me these tracks back at the beginning of December 2011. I promptly entered them into my regular rotation of new music and gave them lots of thorough listening. When new music is submitted to Free Floating I try to listen to it in as many ways as possible—doing work at the computer, while reading, in headphones as I go to sleep…. I want to experience the music fully.  As I listened...
Topics: ambient, ambient electronic, space music, Creative Commons, drone, meditative, new age